Our story started in 2001 as local family man Gerry McCormick established the newest winery in the Riverina – Cottontail Wines, with the release of their first commercial vintage under the brand. Our winery is situated approx. 15 km to the north-east of Wagga Wagga on one-hundred acres of undulating land with 10 acres of vines planted in November 2002. Over 175 olive trees line our driveway with the trees fit to cope with the harsh Australia sun.

The healthy soils on our property have created full-bodied wines with a smooth balanced flavour, and a soft taste that lingers to enhance the complex berry fruit flavours. We originally started supplying Casella with fruit destined for inclusion in their "Yellow Tail" brand that has achieved stellar success on overseas markets over the years. The initial release of our wine received strong recommendation and support, and as such the Cottontails brand has now grown to include eight varieties.

The unique label design pictures a hare on the front label, one of many living on our property. Keep an eye out for the distinctive design and you will be refreshingly rewarded.

In 2018, we decided to update our branding to encompass all the aspects our property has to offer and we now are under the ‘umbrella’ Cottontail Wines. As we continue to mature, so does our vineyard and olive trees with continued success of Cottontail wines reaching the international wine market. With the family duo of Gerry and his daughter, Lilly, have established a strong connection throughout the Riverina and will continue to grow for many years to come…

For all international wine enquiries in China or USA - please contact Cici Qu.
t +86 13946151252
e - ciciqu2011@yahoo.com